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Tom Joseph ~ Cellular Coherence

Cellular Coherence is based on creating balance and alignment within the body through the removal of  obstructions to energy flow. The objective is to activate Self-healing at a cellular level by providing the body with the essentials it needs to thrive.

By creating health within our physical bodies we can begin the process of mental and emotional healing, as each are interwoven in a holistic manner. 

Fundamental Principles

Remove Systemic Inflammation -Hydrating the body at a cellular level will begin the process of allowing organs, glands, and the systems that make up the body to function at an optimal level.

Cleanse The GI Tract -True health cannot be obtained without a healthy gut. Eliminating these toxins with a water, mineral, and enzyme rich diet is critical to address and heal this imbalance.

Balance Hormones -Increase health, vitality, fertility, longevity and youthfulness. Lose weight and increase muscle mass and strength.

Strengthen Lymphatic Function – Create and maintain resiliency against destructive foreign chemistry and toxic waste, that can build up over years and weaken the body.

Eliminate Fungus, Parasites & Heavy Metals – Developing an inner terrain that is anti-fungal/parasitic, along with herbal formulas can insure these unwanted guests will not survive and thrive within the body.


Holistic Detox Consultations Include:

Mindset Guidance

Having the right mindset is the most important factor when achieving any goal in life. If we fail to keep the mind focused, disciplined and in alignment with our goals we will certainly fail. By taking simple daily steps we can begin to empower ourselves and make lasting change in our lives. It all begins with a healthy and open mindset, and a decision to break old patterns and take charge of your life.

Transition To A Nutrient-Dense Diet

Whole/Real foods and juices are paramount in the regeneration and strengthening of all body systems. Cleansing and hydration is necessary to eliminate obstructions from the body. Whole foods can restore the body on a cellular level and remove chronic inflammation leading to balance within oneself. Living foods contain the highest levels of enzymes, minerals/electrolytes, hydrogen and oxygen of any food, and are necessary for true health to be attained.

Supplement & Therapeutic Recommendations

Herbal formulas and orthomolecular supplementation, along with effective therapeutics, can be incredible at assisting and supporting the body during a detox program, as they address specific tissues, organs, glands and body systems. With our food/soil being depleted of minerals and enzymes, and the level of toxic exposure in our environment consistently increasing, utilizing supplementation is crucial and essential.

The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well. - Hippocrates

Main Systems Of Detoxification

3D Illustration Concept of Human Digestive System Anatomy

 A healthy GI Tract is imperative to overall health. If digestive waste is not properly eliminated this can cause a myriad of imbalances in the body. By removing these obstructions (mucoid plaquing, fermentation, parasites, fungus, mold, putrefaction etc) the body can begin to heal.

By hydrating and moving our lymphatic system we allow cellular waste to be eliminated from the body. Poor elimination of cellular waste is one of the primary causes of sickness in the body. Equilibrium can be restored and we can function in a superior manner once this great system is cleaned out and working at an optimal level.

Proper hormonal communication is essential to be happy and healthy. Many imbalances occur when these glands are over or under active but this can be remedied through detoxification. As we cleanse and strengthen this system these glands can come back online and communicate effectively.

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